Steering away from mainstream and commercial bag design options, the pair wanted to bring something fresh and exciting to the accessories market.
Blurring the line between day bag and evening bag, their ranges strike the perfect balance between practicality and style, and solve a common problem that face all of us that love going out – how to hold our bag, drink, phone and poise all at once so that every moment can be enjoyed without giving up the convenience of a bag.
FARRAH + SLOANE's collection of bags are perfectly suited to the socially active and creative woman. Designed to impress and function with ease, the range allows you to enjoy your night out without having the inconvenience of having to clutch on to your clutch bag all night.
Each range starts it's journey in the underbellies of India and China, where Nadine and Jane dig deep past the surface to find the most unique and spectacular fabrics and trims to incorporate into each range. Custom and hand made elements always feature strongly. 
Since it's introduction into the market in 2016 FARRAH + SLOANE has garnered a loyal following of ladies who love their products for the luxe embellishments, tactile fabrics and edgy hardware. 
If you want a bag that looks amazing, fits your essentials and is easy to keep on hand without being in your hand, then FARRAH + SLOANE is for you.